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Black truffle trees

The ideal soil is gravelly and rich in limestone (permeable) with compact subsoil, which promotes the developments of the tree roots on the surface. It is generally rich in calcium carbonate and poor in organic matter. It must not contain more than 40% of clay, as it will hinder sufficient water permeability.

No more than 30% of the terrain must be covered in trees, shrubs must be scanty or absent and grass practically absent. Light must be able to penetrate easily in order to heat the soil.

The Tuber melanosporum has seven host trees.

Quercus pubescens

Downy Oak


Quercus ilex

Evergreen Oak


Quercus cerris

Turkey Oak


Tilia platyphyllos

Linden Tree


Corylus avellana

Hazelnut Tree


Populus alba

Hop Hornbeam

carpino nero

Cistus spp.