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Piedmont has the most important truffle district, where this extraordinary raw material reaches the dining tables in perfect conditions, thanks to the knowledge of hundreds of restaurateurs. From the osterias to the starred restaurants, a multitude of chefs know how to select, preserve, serve, pair and describe the White Truffle: a heritage of knowledge and tradition, where consumers are guaranteed total transparency through the Truffle Club, the largest network of top quality truffle restaurants.

Participating restaurants are committed to complying with the following Code of Ethics:

  1. Serve only top quality truffles (intense and pleasant scent, adequate degree of maturation, good preserving conditions)
  2. Clearly state the types of truffles on the menu (for example, Tuber Magnatum Pico or White Truffle of Alba)
  3. Include in the menu a minimum of three/four dishes that can be paired with truffle
  4. Describe to the customers the various courses and the best truffle pairings
  5. Provide menus that list all dishes in Italian, along with English, and possibly German translations
  6. Clearly state truffle prices
  7. Shave truffles directly on the plate at tableside
  8. Not add extra aromas to dishes with freshly shaved truffles
  9. Show the customers some Truffle specimens, in an elegant and well-presented manner
  10. Respect the Tuber Magnatum harvest season, and therefore refrain from serving White Truffle before or after the time periods established by the regional law
  11. Allow the customers to shave their own truffles, not purchased at the restaurant

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