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ROOT TIP: the terminal portion of a root of a tree.

ASCUS: the spore bearing sac.

EPIGEOUS FUNGUS: a fruiting body that develops above ground.

HYPOGEOUS FUNGUS: a fruiting body whose entire life cycle occurs under the earth's surface.

GLEBA: the fleshy and compact inner portion.

HYPHA: the filamentous structure containg fungal cells.

MYCELIUM: the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of hyphae.

MYCOHRRIZA: the symbiotic association between the hyphae and the roots of a tree.

PERIDIUM: the outer skin which serves as protection against bacteria and fungi.

SYMBIOSIS: the interaction between organisms of different species that live in close association, deriving mutual advantage.

SPORE: a reproductive cell.

SPOROCARP: the fruiting body, or the truffle technically termed.

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