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Who we are

The National Centre is an association that involves the major administrative organizations of the provinces of Alessadria, Asti and Cuneo.
It aims at bringing together the leaders in the production of truffles, through the associations that best represent them, in order to define research, promotion and advertising policies. It collaborates with the most prestigious national research centres. Since 2000, the National Centre has conducted research in the field of Sensory analysis, in order to define the sensorial profiles of truffles and to train qualified judges.

The National Centre is also committed to conducting activities aimed at the protection of the truffle environment, increasingly threatened by anthropization and the progressive neglect of the surrounding areas. One the one hand, experts investigate the causes for such drastic decrease in the production of truffles; on the other, they experiment with new techinques of cultivation which may be able to increase production. With the local administrations, the Centre is preparing a plan for the protection of the truffle environment, which will also be included in the touristic itineraries.

Main activities

  • Definition of the aromatic profile of the Tuber magnatum Pico
  • Definition of the aromatic profile of the Tuber borchii, Tuber melanosporum
  • Panel test
  • Seminar on sensory analysis of traditional Piedmontese recipes with truffles
  • Certification of quality of Tuber magnatum Pico
  • Panel training (groups of judges): Alba, Asti, Murisengo; Mondovì, representatives of Città del Tartufo, Torino, San Giovanni d’Asso and Istria
  • Training of the Panel Leader group
  • Extraction of the natural aroma of Tuber magnatum
  • Collaboration with Verchamp project
  • Control of truffles and mycorrhizae inoculated plants
  • Control of suitability of truffle areas
  • Educational activities
  • Various events (fairs, world auction, etc.), conventions, seminars
  • Truffle related tourism (excursions in the natural truffière)
  • Technical consulting (Truffle Museum of San Giovanni d’Asso set up)
  • Publications: “L’Assaggio del Tartufo” 2000; A tavola con il tartufo 2006
  • Mitico tartufo 2004 Carta della Qualità del Tuber magnatum Pico
  • Manual: “Alla scoperta del tartufo”